An Overview of

The Refugee Crisis


We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis.

  • Over 65 million men, women and children are forcibly displaced in the world.

  • 28,000 people are newly uprooted every day.

  • 1:113 people in the world are forcibly displaced.

  • 51% are children.

  • 49% are women.

  • The number of forcibly displaced people has increased by more than 40% since 2011.

  • The average time of displacement is 17 years.

Statistics from Global Trends, Forced Displacement in 2016, published by UNHCR in June 2017. Visit our Toolbox to learn more about the global refugee crisis and how you can help.


The world offers 3 solutions to forced displacement:

  • Return home. But this requires that the causes of displacement have been resolved. The UN has identitified over 30 protracted refugee producing situations in the world, the average duration of which is 26 years. Returning home is not an option for the vast majority of refugees.

  • Integrate into their country of refugee. But 8 out of 10 refugees are hosted by developing nations that are economically and socially unable to absorb the people seeking refuge within their borders.

  • Resettle to another country. But during an average year, less than 1% of the world's refugee population is resettled. Few countries are willing to help by offering the resettlement option to refugees.

Reasons to Hope

The number of refugees is growing. Solutions are failing. Yet there are reasons to hope.

  • Refugees are more than people in need. Visit any refugee camp and you will be amazed at their resiliency and resourcefulness. They can play an important role in their own recovery - if we let them.

  • God has always been at work in the lives of those traveling the refugee highway. Consider how God showed up when Hagar, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Jesus, Philip and others were forcibly displaced. He is showing up today as well.

  • The church is already present along much of the refugee highway. She carries the mandate to welcome and love the foreigner. A movement of hope is beginning to take root as local churches embrace their divine calling and begin to help people survive and recover from forced displacement.

The Refugee Highway

When forced to flee their homes, refugees need to find a way to a safe place. There are some well-worn paths in the world that they travel. These paths are the Refugee Highway.

The Highway is paved with tears of loneliness, fear and discouragement. Whatever part of the Highway they travel, refugees are met with the same message: Do Not Enter.

Yet there is hope. God is alive and well on the Refugee Highway.

Watch this powerful 8 minute video to learn more. We hope that you will download it and share it with others!

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